Today,  i was reading an interesting post about content distribution strategy.

Can Netflix be WebRTC’s Killer Use Case? is asking Tsahi Levent-Levi.


There are two options when video streaming quality on the Internet goes up and up, from SD to HD, and now from HD to UHD, either popular contents are cached by ISPs worldwide on the edges, close to where the user is or contents are re-streamed in some way on the client side (client browser). Or both solutions you might say.

Popular contents is for example live sport. I was watching this week Bayern de Múnich – Real Madrid live HD stream and it was rather unstable on the web. Normal with a 51,1% share on TV. I don´t know how many viewers were watching on the Internet.
RealMadrid-Bayern share

Flash has demonstrated that is not the appropriate technology to do P2P streaming, and contents streamed with RTMP are rather difficult to cache. Will WebRTC be the alternative ? Will ISP edge caches will be WebRTC at some time ?

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Netflix WebRTC and edge caching
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One thought on “Netflix WebRTC and edge caching

  • 28/02/2015 at 08:03

    Adobe didn’t open RTMFP up completely,expect for flash player in browser,applications are still difficult to make direct peer to peer connection(but possible to hack the protocol).


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